Consciously designed gifts and accessories for spiritually inclined beings. Seraphina uses color, design, and intention to make bold statements and help individuals reveal their authentic selves.

Personalized Design

We use your information to create a design uniquly suited to you or your person.

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Divination, Tarot, Mystic tools, Intuitive books, Journals, and much more. Seraphina Books and Decks help you get in touch with your higher self and journey through the dark night of the soul.

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Seraphina by D Palmer. 

Seraphina's first spark was inspired by the need to tell a soul story. To capture the essence of one soul's journey in an image and turn it into wearable art. Since then we have continued to capture the DNA of people, of brands, of families, of what makes us tick with beautiful imagery and compelling stories.

Have YOUR story told with a custom image or chose one of the already beautifully composed images. Then select your favorite silhouette to have your design sewn and created into your own one-of-a-kind bespoke piece of fashion.

Our clothing is comfortable and casual while still being elegant in any atmosphere.


    Seraphina by D Palmer

    Custom clothing to fit your style and personality.

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    Satori Publishing

    Create a one of kind gift or bring your vision to life.

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    Join like minded friends @ House of Seraphina for an illuminating time.

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    Edible Crystal Candy

    Exclusivly from Seraphina

    Beautiful and Edible crystal candies.

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    Seraphina's Mystic Crystal Cabinet & Jewlery Gem Emporium

    Take your crystal collection with your everywhere you go with custom deisgned Crystal & Gem Beaded Braclets.

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